Our Latest "Barn Find"

1935 Ford 5 Window Coupe

This 35 was purchased from a scrap yard in 1955 near Hiawatha Kansas. The car was hot rodded in 1958 and completed in 1960. It has been a Kansas car all of it's life. A 1939 Columbia 2 speed rear was installed as well as a flathead from a wrecked 50 Mercury that was dragged to the farm. Juice brakes were installed with Lincoln hubs. A 3 deuce manifold was put in place on the flathead as well as headers. Late 40's Ford tail lights were molded to the rear fenders and the cowl vent was filled. The rear fenders were molded to the body too. A snappy black and white interior was installed and the car was driven like this until late in the 1960's. The "kid" at that time had moved on to a 1966 Mustang and the car was driven on occasion by his dad (now 93 and in some of the photos). The car was last driven in the late 1970's and was placed in the small barn next to the house where it sat until being pulled into the daylight on Saturday November 7th 2009. The car came with a bunch of vintage flathead speed parts in the trunk as well as a 34 Ford truck grille and a 36 Ford spare tire cover.

Fast Forward 30+ years...The subject of old cars came up at the fire station with a young rookie that was working with us. He mentioned that his dad gave him his old 1966 Mustang before he passed away (his dad is the kid that built the 35). I was joking when I asked him if his dad had any other old cars hidden away that he would like to get rid of. To make a long story short...Brenda and I went to KS in Sept to see the car, came back and made an offer and then sealed the deal. Went back in Nov and the 35 is now home at my shop. Way cool!

The hard part will be to not over-do anything on the car. I plan to keep it as close as I can to the way it had been done in the day. No new paint or visible modifications. This is a rolling piece of hot rod history and I hope to honor that. I think it will sit for some time as I form a game plan. Got to get Brenda's roadster pickup going to keep a happy home / shop.

Hope you enjoyed the story,

Mark G




















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