Founding Father, Gene Davis, started the Donut Gang in late 2000 with the help of Mickey Greer, Dick Darnell, Stan Webb, Chester Toothman and Jim Greene. These street rodders are the original members who were responsible for nurturing and getting the Donut Gang started. The Donut Gang quickly began to prosper. In August of 2003, the "Rod Father" announced that he was loading up Mary Jo and all his stuff and going back home to California.
There was a big going away party and fellow Donuter, Richard Haas composed, "The Ballad of Number 1" which is all about the heroics of our friend and founder (you'll find a copy in the "Commentaries" under the Junk Yard section).
Today, the members of the Donut Gang of Austin continue the tradition of having fun under the guidance of all our active members.
Gene Davis in the center (in beige) in 2005.

Who are we?

What we do!

We are not a car club! We have no president, no dues, no by-laws, no newsletters, no monthly meetings, and no rules.  We are a group of like minded car guys, who like T-shirts and old cars.
We meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week.  Members are encouraged to drive their street rods.  Guests are invited to attend by invitation from a Donut Gang member. We spend about one hour sharing information and having breakfast together.
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